Access Point Controls can now provide a complete design, installation and service package for the new Urbaco Luxor range of heavy duty bollards.

'Luxor' is a range of bollards that rise automatically with the use of remote control devices.

The movement of the bollard is signalled by a double device consisting of: light and sound, to prevent any inadvertent impacts by pedestrians and cyclists. The system is easy to use and can be developed to meet any requirements.

The new bollards are the ideal answer for heavy duty private use as well as business centres, supermarket chains, car dealerships and historical centres where aesthetics and reliability are as equally important as public safety.

The bollard can be easily integrated into any existing access control you may have from swipe cards to pay on foot systems.

"ParaSubHead">Rising Step / Blocker

Many companies are now considering enhancing their building security with the use of road blockers.
Road blockers give robust security and access control whilst also providing a real visual deterrent.

They are available in a variety of ratings and configurations and can offer the highest level of security on the market, withstanding most vehicle impacts.

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