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If you are thinking of installing CCTV, it is essential that you get the right advice.

Specialist companies like ours can give you a detailed explanation of the CCTV choices available as well as help find you the camera system to suit you best.

We have extensive knowledge of high quality manufacturers in the security field such as 'Derwent', 'Teleeye' and 'BBV'. We also believe in guiding you through your project from beginning to end, making sure your investment is repaid and protected. Most of all, we want to fully deliver what you need.

In some projects we use the latest Internet Protocol (IP) technology, which means cameras can be placed in any area where a network connection exists.

Our Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Units allow simultaneous recording of up to 64 cameras or more with a combination unit.

Our DVR unit can also be viewed when you are away from the site or building by using a broadband connection. This allows you to monitor security out-of-hours, giving you peace of mind 24 hours-a-day, literally at the touch of a button.

We can also provide workstations over a number of sites as well as offering handheld monitoring solutions for those on the move.

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