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Flumes and water slides have traditionally been controlled by timer systems, leading to a lack of flexibility and reduced ‘rider throughput’, as safety dictates that the timer has to be set for the slowest rider.

Ui-Sense is a reliable, flexible sensor based system that works by detecting the entry and exit of a rider into the flume. This means that the stop / go lights will be based on the exact position of the rider, rather than the assumed position based on a time.

The sensors used in Ui-Sense are unaffected by the water turbulence which has caused problems with these types of systems in the past; the high speed detection electronic circuitry ensures that even if the torso of the rider misses the sensor, the lights are triggered; and the detection algorithms prevent false / multiple detections.

The benefits of this system are reduced queue times and increased safety. The installation of this system will also ensure your flumes are fully compliant with BS EN 1069- 1:2000.

Ui-Sense also includes the option of rider timing: the rider speed may be shown on a display or plasma screen, enhancing the customer experience and, with the integration of the Ui-Band system, even providing additional revenue opportunities in the form of certificates and merchandise showing fastest ride time and speed.

Ui-Sense may also be integrated with Ui-Pic, a flume photography system for water parks; the unique serial number means that the customers can view, print and then purchase photos of themselves when leaving the park - a revenue generation opportunity that is relatively new for the water park sector.

The Ui-Sense system has been developed, manufactured and tested in the UK by Access Point Controls, in conjunction with one of the UK’s leading water parks.

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