Networked Access Control

Networked access control is a computer-based system whereby you have complete control of your building. The system can operate from one or many locations allowing you to monitor who, when and where people enter and move around your building. This system provides individuals, companies and/or organisations with flexible state-of-the-art technology as well as secure, robust access control.

Timesheet management and employee roll call are also great features of this modern software. Not only can it improve efficiency, it can also help save time and money whilst also increasing security.

At APC, we believe each project or job has its own specific needs and as such, one of our experienced engineers will visit your site to perform a free evaluation. This is to make sure you get the best advice, the right equipment and the most suitable system for your requirements.

Standalone Access Control

Standalone access control is commonly a door and/or entry access system that is not connected to a host computer network like Networked Access Control. Instead, through standalone access control, we can secure a number of doors or access points in a building or facility through a range of options including swipe cards, proximity cards, in-car transmitters, fobs and tags.

Our standalone access control systems are easy to use and control and can be used in any location where a simple swipe in, swipe out security system is needed. Examples of where it can be used effectively include doors, gates, barriers and many other types of access security device.

We also offer a very competitive customisation service, where swipe cards can be printed with your own logo.

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