The Ui-Band system has been designed exclusively for the leisure industry and uses comfortable, waterproof RFID wristbands to control and assist customers. They also provide useful statistics to business owners and provide many other benefits around efficiency and customer management.

Ui-Time is the only time-based leisure access control solution on the market and is flexible enough to suit any environment. Ui-Time is currently in use at Splashdown one of the UK's largest water Parks.

Custom logos and labels can be used in conjunction with both the Ui-Band and Ui-Time systems.

How it works…
When a customer enters the leisure park, they are given a Ui-Band with the exit time stored on its internal chip. Readers positioned around the park then allow the customer access to the facilities until their allocated time runs out - the customer then has the option of either recharging their Ui-Band or finishing their session and leaving the park.

This RFID technology also allows money to be 'charged' onto the Ui-Band, allowing the customer to shop in the park without needing a wallet or purse. There are also the optional Ui-Band controlled lockers, which enables the customer to leave all valuable belongings in a secure place. They are then free to enjoy their day out with peace of mind that their belongings are safe.

Its special features…
The unique serial number programmed to each wristband helps staff to identify each customer. This in turn allows staff to:


  • Blacklist customers: This is where staff can blacklist any Ui-Band at any time and disable it from working on the readers.
  • Set-up block bookings: Pre-encoded Ui-Bands can be handed out to large group visitors and their expiry time set.
  • Provide customer link ups: Whereby parents' wristbands can be linked with their children's - allowing children to be tracked in the park if required by the last known attraction or ride they used.
  • Print-out customer certificates: Customers can have a memento of their day by having a certificate printed showing how many times they have used each ride along with other fun information such as distance travelled. This data is based on their wristband usage. This initiative also creates another revenue opportunity for leisure companies.
  • Automatic photography: This is another exciting area currently under development. By introducing automatic flume photography, via unique serial numbers found in the Ui-bands system, customers can view, print and purchase their photos when leaving the park. This is a relatively new business venture for the water park sector.Statistical reports:
  • The system also provides useful statistical reports for the park operator, such as footfall and capacity counting, allowing for more efficient staffing and maintenance scheduling.

Additional information…

The Ui-Band system may be used with many wristbands, fobs or credit sized cards as RFID carriers.

This system allows leisure parks to increase their revenue by ensuring customers only use the facilities for the time they have paid for.

Due to this new technology, leisure companies can now offer half day tickets as well as offer additional services to help increase their revenue further.

Ui-Band and Ui-Time are designed and built exclusively by APC, allowing us to offer what many other companies can't - a custom-designed system built to suit your leisure park.

Ui-Time can be retro-fitted for use on almost all equipment, attractions and rides.

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